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Faith, Family, Freedom

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My Opponent's Record is NOT Conservative

I believe in putting Tennesseans first!

Rep Hazlewood Voted AGAINST prohibiting sanctuary cities and Voted FOR giving illegal immigrants in-state college tuition.

I oppose corporate welfare that gives your taxpayer funded cash to favored corporations.

Rep Hazlewood voted to give $900 million of our money to Ford for electric trucks that cannot pull a trailer and are not viable. We are subsidizing a company that loses billions on these vehicles.

I will always defend our Constitutional rights.

Rep Hazlewood Voted AGAINST the Constitutional Carry bill & AGAINST a House Joint Resolution to prevent federal govt infringement of 2A Rights

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As We Fight for Conservative Values
in Tennessee


Defending Faith, Family, Freedom

Michele Reneau is committed to Defending Faith, Family, and Freedom as core values that have shaped the foundation of our state. As a constitutional conservative, Michele will support policies that strengthen families and uphold individual freedoms. This includes making TN uncomfortable for illegal immigration, preserving the right to bear arms and ensuring policies that affirm parents have the freedom to make decisions that best serve the welfare and future of their children. Michele will advocate for the principles that have made Tennessee exceptional, securing a brighter future for generations to come.

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