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Defending Faith, Family, Freedom

Illegal Immigration

TN cannot aid and abet the violation of federal immigration law.

Michele Reneau is the child of a legal immigrant. We cannot have the state of Tennessee encourage or be apart of the violation of federal immigration law. Resources should be for legal residents only and we should ensure fair opportunities for those who follow the legal immigration process. Michele supports a repeal of entitlements, criminalize mass transportation of illegals and trafficked victims, and require E-verify for employment.

The 2nd Amendment

The Right go about our business peacefully and to Protect our Family

We have a God given right to travel peacefully and without threats of violence. We have a right to use force to protect ourselves and our families. Michele will oppose laws, known as red flag, that forcefully disarm us without proper due process.


Sanctity of Life

Michele Reneau will defend the sanctity of life, recognizing it as a fundamental principle protected by our Constitution. Government has a duty to defend the most vulnerable among us, ensuring that every innocent life, from conception to natural death, is respected and safeguarded under the law.

Education & Parental Rights

Transparency and Accountability

Michele Reneau supports local control of schools and policies that prioritize academic excellence, innovation, and parental rights.  Washington DC has no business dictating to us how to run our schools. Michele supports requiring all curriculum and books available to be posted online for all to review.. She absolutely opposes allowing instructional illustrated sexual material to be accessible to anyone under the age of 18. She opposes the lie of gender ideology being taught to our children. Michele will defend the fundamental rights of parents to direct the upbringing, health and education of their children according to their values and beliefs. Michele will oppose Critical Race Theory (CRT) which teaches kids they are either victims or victimizers.

Limited Government

State Sovereignty 

Michele Reneau supports ending our acceptance of federal funding, which comes with strings attached. We do not need Washington DC controlling what we do in Tennessee. She will oppose efforts to force subsidized housing into our rural and suburban areas. Lower taxes and reducing regulations fosters economic prosperity among individuals and small businesses. 

First Amendment

Michele Reneau believes in preserving freedom of speech and expression, which includes robustly defending against censorship by Big Tech companies. Michele will advocate for policies that ensure transparency, accountability, and the protection of individuals' rights in the digital age.

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