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Privacy Policy

First of all, we never sell or give your data to any other entity other than Friends to Elect Michele Reneau.  While it is "common practice" for various political entities to share data within a common political party across various elected officials within the same geographical area and/or associated Political Action Committees (PACs), Friends to Elect Michele Reneau believes that you are sharing your data specifically with us, not with a whole group of people.  Have you ever asked questions of one candidate and started getting texted political ads from another? Friends to Elect Michele Reneauinterprets this as a breach in your trust.  Therefore, what data is shared or gathered remains used only and in isolation with Friends to Elect Michele Reneau.


Some data is collected any time you go to a website, even if you don't overtly offer it.  Your digital footprint reveals things like your IP Address that is associated with your specific device, operating system, and geolocation, as standard offerings with domain hosting.  If you visit our website more than once, we can see that you are a repeat visitor and which pages you visit.  Like above, we aren't selling or sharing that data to any other entity.


We also ask that those who want more information email or complete a form and share enough information that we can ensure your needs are met.  This includes data like your first and last name, address, email, and phone number, as well as how you want to help or how we can help you.  We use this data for a variety of candidate analytics including, but not limited to, confirming you are in district and whether we have talked to you previously.  While anyone is welcome to volunteer or donate, a frequent question because of the nature of the TN House lines dividing some municipalities is "am I in House District 27?" Also, by sharing your email and/or phone number, you are consenting to be contacted by Friends to Elect Michele Reneau in the future.  That way, we may answer your question or follow up with you in reference to your interest in volunteering.  As is controlled by State of Tennessee and US Federal law, you have the right to opt-out of communication at any time.  


Lastly, all of this privacy policy is governed by the laws of the great State of Tennessee.  

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