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Tennessee Right to Life PAC Endorses Michele Reneau for State House

I am deeply honored to announce that TN Right to Life has given me their endorsement and has put their trust in me to uphold pro-life laws in Tennessee. Legislatively, we have already made amazing strides towards protecting life in our state since the 2020 passage of SB 2196, making abortion illegal when there is a heartbeat, and subsequently in 2022, when the Supreme Court confirmed state rights to enact these heartbeat bills. Our work now is primarily to promote a culture of life in our state through awareness and education of what the abortion process really is, the potential dangers and side effects of the process which can be both physically and emotionally damaging, and what resources there are for mothers in crisis. Every life has value regardless of race, socioeconomic status, or whether or not the child has a disability. Every baby deserves to be born, and no mother should be pressured to end that life. Life is the most fundamental of all our rights, and I am proud to take up the mantle of the pro-life candidate for District 27.

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